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An Affordable, Custom Program to Clear Your Skin

95% Success Rate for Compliant Clients

Welcome to the Aylin Skin Care Clear Skin Program! You have come to right place to effectively and safely clear your skin.  With a 95% success rate YOU can be among the many Aylin Skin Care clients who are no longer suffering with this frustrating disorder. 
Our acne program is tailored to your unique skin needs and is not  "one size fits all."  Each individual's case is specific to their genetics and lifestyle. We take a HOLISTIC approach when treating acne in order to address all contributing factors so once you get clear, you stay clear.

Here's what to expect during the program

step 1

Book a virtual or in person consultation with me, Cara, founder of Aylin Skin Care Therapy. After booking, I'll ask you to submit the new client intake form and send over a few photos of your skin. The consultation appointment runs between an hour and an hour and a half in length.  Click on the View More button below to learn more about what's included in the acne consultation and how we get rid of acne.  Or CLICK HERE to book your consultation appt.

step 2

Regular in-person acne treatments are recommended and will help you to clear faster.  If you are able to come in for treatments we will schedule them at the time of your acne consultation.  If you are not able to come in for treatments, no problem!  Acne clearing can also be done virtually. 
My goal is to get your skin clear in 3-4 months. In some cases, it may take a little longer.  In order to achieve clear skin you will need to be 100% committed and consistent with all aspects of the program. You'll need to stick to your recommended routine each day of the program and avoid certain lifestyle factors such as acne triggering foods.  If you ever have any questions during your journey, please feel free to ask!


One of my goals at Aylin Skin Care Therapy is to be transparent with processes and pricing. Here is an outline of the fees associated with the Clear Skin Program:
  • $95:  Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours) 
  • Products: Your product fees will vary depending on your skin's needs.  The acne products are  reasonably priced. You can expect to pay approximately $215 for your initial set of 6-7  products.  
  • $95: Treatments - While not required, we highly recommend coming in for regular acne treatments as they will help you clear much faster.
  • Insurance:  ASCT does not accept insurance. However, clients can submit on their own.
  • $Priceless: years of beautiful, healthy, clear skin!
I have loved helping hundreds of people get the clear skin of their dreams and am so excited to start this journey with you!


Our goal is to help clients achieve clear, healthy skin regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or skin type.  There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach here.  At ASCT you will receive specialized treatments and home care recommendations to meet your unique skin care needs and ensure the best possible results.

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