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I struggled with acne throughout my teen years. I tried every over-the-counter product known to man without success. I finally just accepted that it was part of growing up and looked forward to my 20's when surely all my hormonal teenage acne would be gone. However, my acne continued well into my 20's. I then tried the popular TV infomercial acne products and direct sales product lines. I would see a slight improvement in my skin, but before long I was back to square one. I also went to several doctors and dermatologists and was prescribed topical creams that left my skin dry and irritated. I was told my only other option was Accutane and I was unwilling to risk the side effects.

      Just when I was giving up hope of ever having clear skin, Cara was recommended to me. I was blown away by how comprehensive Cara's acne treatment was. She was so knowledgeable about acne and not only treated my acne, but also educated me about the food and products that contain pore clogging ingredients. I was amazed with my results! It's been 3 years since I started the Face Reality acne program and my skin is still clear, despite the hormonal swings of a pregnancy. I highly recommend this treatment program to anyone who is struggling with acne and wants dramatic and lasting results! 

Natalie Morris, Teacher - Frederick County

Frederick, Maryland

I've been a client of Cara Aylin Twentey's for over 10 years. She's not only an extremely knowledgeable and gifted esthetician, but an empathetic and caring person. I have rosacea (an inflammatory skin condition) and most prescription topical treatments don't help. There is no cure for rosacea, but Cara has helped me manage and control my flare ups with her holistic skin treatments and the high quality products she recommends for home use. Cara also works with health care professionals in the community to help treat complex skin problems like mine. I appreciate that she addresses the whole person when treating the skin. I highly recommend Cara for skin care needs of all kinds.

Jan Aaland, Professional Singer, Former Voice Instructor at Hood College

Annapolis, Maryland

I tried working with numerous dermatologists in 2 different states to get my acne cleared but never had improvement. Finally, I found Cara through a recommendation and I was able to clear for the first time! Even while pregnant and nursing I have stayed clear following her guidance and doing the Face Reality system. Cara is great to work with. I have had people comment on how nice my skin looked which was new for me as I suffer from adult acne and had a serious picking issue. Her location is nice and cozy and very convenient in Frederick. I highly recommend Cara at Aylin Skin Care Therapy!

Jenny Porter

Frederick, Maryland

I am so grateful that my friend told me about Cara. As a parent, I wanted my daughter's teen years to be as painless as possible. But when she started having trouble with her skin and developing acne, I knew we had to find a professional. After seeing Cara, my daughters skin went from unfortunate to flawless without taking any pills. Now more than a year and a half later, I am still amazed at how perfect her skin looks. Cara is truly a miracle worker! 

Gaye Crosby

Bethesda, Maryland

I have trusted Cara with my skin care for 12 years. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she’s clearly committed to providing the best advice she can, in addition to keeping current with the latest developments in skin care products and technology. Cara has a unique gift that make her treatments exceptional and I always feel renewed after a facial.

Barbara Dunnington, First Data Corporation

Frederick, Maryland

I have been seeing Cara for facial services for several years. I especially love that her skin treatments are personalized and unique - she does not take on a one-size-fits-all approach. I have very sensitive skin and Cara's skin care expertise, facial treatments and professional products have kept my skin calm, healthy and in balance. As a massage therapist, I can say that Cara has a wonderful sense of touch and provides a nurturing and de-stressing massage during her facial treatments.

Alice Maenner, Massage Therapist and Owner of Triple Hearts Massage

Frederick, Maryland

Hi Cara! Just wanted to give you an update. My face is completely smooth and I have zero breakouts.  I no longer need to wear make up.  Everything is going great!  Thank you!

Maya, high school student

West Virginia

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